Getting the band back together...

The vfx community is truly global. Sometimes when a large project ends, you have to say goodbye to some truly dear colleagues, as they fly to far corners of the world. The bittersweet memories are abated when you can start hiring for the next project.  Today I had the pleasure of confirming my vfx supervisor, and procuring the services of my lead matte painter.  With more to come, it does seem like that ole' feeling you get knowing you will soon be working with some of your friends again … and some of the world's best talent.

So I saw it

I finally saw the finished movie last week projected in a theater. So satisfying to come to the end of a three year struggle with something that you can be proud. I'm not categorically thrilled... There will always be some nit picky bits that bother me, but as a whole, I'm happy. That's all I can really say about the content of Conan the Barbarian for now. No spoilers... But I think even hard core REH fans will be happy about the final product. Jason Mamoa Is Conan.

Will have much more to say around August 19.

In Indian VFX news...

I'm trying to not sound too bitter, but it's tough sometimes  

From the Conan Movie Blog


Apparently some Indian firm, Reliance VFX, who was awarded one sequence has decided to take credit for the entire film's vfx.  In the Indian Express Web site, a lengthy article was posted interviewing the local artists who worked on the film.  Unfortunately they completely misrepresent themselves as to their contribution to the film.


A few quotes "To be released in August this year, the film will see an Indian firm handling the entire visual effects (VFX) and 3D rendering of a major Hollywood production."  I'll chalk that up to trying to impress the local population.  They go on to say that they did 133 shots (true), but neglect to mention how many total shots there are in the film.  (1299)


A screengrab from our server