The Dog Days of August

Not Black Sea

Here it is, August 28, and the studio is sloooowwwww.   30% of staff are on the black sea, and the rest are... well not much.  Cyclops has wrapped, and until the new films start up, it's housekeeping duty.  We have been able to tackle long overdue and oft-postponed tasks.  Various previously neglected projects underway are:

  • New Logo.  Millennium and NuImage have finally decided that their logos are from the 80's and need updating.
  • Building a virtual backlot.  It was always planned to build 3d versions of standing sets that exist here on the lot.  Now is the time to do it.
  • Updating the Servers/Software/Workstations. Obvious, but never really had the time to update everything at once.
  • R&D for new projects.  Nearly all of our future jobs require crowd simulation.  We have put a team together to master "Massive", the crowd generation software made famous by "Lord of the Rings".

Speaking of new projects, we have some real exciting ones coming up.  "Red Sonja" is probably the most famous one, but that doesn't actually start shooting until the end of the year.  There are others that are fun also.  "Ninja" is currently in the low-res Temp stage, while we wait for full-res scans.  "Command Performance" is shooting with Dolph Lundgren.  Plus there are a few others that I don't want to reveal just yet.