Trademark ... Not

Not much of a post... just a rant. Believe it or not, Bulgaria has some interesting rules on intellectual property. Shocking I know.  As you may know, I have a publishing company. Eastern European Concepts and Consulting. Or EECC for short. I was able to get a .bg domain quite easily for this company because according to Bulgarian rules you can only have an Internet domain if it is your name or your company's name. However, I also wanted an Internet domain that was more appropriate for publishing comics. I wanted the domain In order to get this domain I either had to publish a magazine entitled or trademark the name  Absolutely stifling rules, but them are the rules. So last year we applied for the trademark. And then we started publishing a magazine entitled...

Last week, I received my official rejection letter from the patent and trademark office of Bulgaria. Now I have a month or two to continue using  After which I will now need to show my continued publication of over the last year.

The .bg domain names are some of the most spam free domains around, now you know why.