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VFX: Puppetar Studio
Client: Level 5
Agency: Mistress


A small collection of work from my time with Millennium.  My role was VFX Producer.


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Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor with a strong organizational skill set and extensive experience in vfx production and vfx management on over 100 feature films.  Provide breakdowns, methodologies and budget assessments.   Successfully managed concurrent projects with local and remote teams across multiple continents.  Able to navigate the tax incentive compliance and reporting mazes.  Expertise in worldwide location production.  


  • VFX Producing Supervisor for 20+ years.

  • Founded Worldwide FX in 2001.

  • Successfully managed visual effects budgets in excess of $15,000,000.

  • Designed and implemented internal tracking and vfx management.

  • Successfully erected full service visual effects facilities in 3 different locations/cities.



Independent VFX Producer and Supervisor
Los Angeles, CA
September 2017 to Present
Producing and Supervising VFX on various productions in the Los Angeles area.

Senior VFX Producer

Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, Korea
March 2017 - September 2017 (6 Month Contract)
Responsible for Bidding, Budgeting, and Producing all visual effects work for the company. Personally brought 300K in business first 3 months of employment.

VP Digital Production
Los Angeles, CA  
2015 to 2016 
Responsible for all aspects of digital effects integration into a practical effects workflow. 

Millennium Films  
VFX Executive Producer  
Los Angeles, CA and Sofia, Bulgaria  
2001 - 2015
Oversaw visual effects for a motion picture studio. Budgeting, scheduling, allocation of resources and implementation of all visual effects for 5-10 features per year with an average of 400-800 shots per project. Responsibilities included assigning shots to in-house division and outsourcing sequences out of house.

Additionally founded and ran day to day operations for internal VFX division "Worldwide FX", located in Eastern Europe, encompassing 150-200 employees. Supervised build-out and hiring of staff. Instituted training regime and designed tracking software for vfx management and reporting.

VFX Supervisor
Los Angeles, CA  
1999 - 2000 

Threshold Entertainment
VFX Supervisor 
Los Angeles, CA  
1997 - 1999

Available Light Ltd.
VFX Animator

Los Angeles, CA  
1995 - 1997


  • Visual Effects Society Member in Good Standing

  • Featured in the January 22, 2006 and July 8, 2007 issues of BusinessWeek Magazine as an expert in Eastern Europe business affairs.

  • Speaker at FMX and EDiT.



Fueled by a lifelong interest in special effects work, noted Visual Effects Producer and Supervisor Scott Coulter has over three decades of experience in this field, having worked on more than 200 films which have integrated nearly every conceivable aspect of Special and Visual Effects. His credits span across numerous feature films, including "The Expendables", "Conan the Barbarian", "Dogma", "My Favorite Martian", "The Crow", and many others.

Scott Coulter began his lengthy film career as a production assistant on George Romero’s classic horror anthology, “Creepshow”. As his first love was special effects makeup and monsters, he worked on many FX films of the era - "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master", "Pet Sematary", and many that are now considered cult classics, "Street Trash", "Slime City", and "Class of Nuke'em High" among them.   While working on "The Crow", Coulter saw Jurassic Park, and was struck by the power of the groundbreaking digital visual effects. Seeing the writing on the wall, Scott immediately took a six-month sabbatical, learning everything he could about computer animation. He then began to supervise & produce Visual Effects.

In 2001, Coulter opened Worldwide FX, to meet the visual effects needs of Millennium Films.  He further expanded the facility in 2009, by opening a second branch in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Over 15 years, the companies have serviced hundreds of films, including "Olympus Has Fallen, "Automata", "The Mechanic 1&2”.

He returned to Independent VFX Work in 2016, overseeing mainstream films - "The Belko Experiment" and "Speed Kills"


FxPaks is my sticker pack business. I offer them for the iMessage application on the Apple platform.

EECC Comics

A fun side project for me is a comicbook publishing company I operate in Eastern Europe.  I have collected some back issues and put them here for reading.  The magazines are published in Bulgarian and English. I have presented them in English wherever possible.  All copyright continues to be retained.

If you would like more information about licensing or publishing in Eastern Europe, get in touch


Stories from the Limbus Region

Genre - Horror Anthology

In the vein of "Tales from the Crypt", each issue featured two self contained stories.


Ignus Fatuus


Genre - Epic Fantasy

Tales of Adventure. Several stories were serialized over multiple issues.


Outer Visions


Genre - Science Fiction

A serialized dystopian Steampunk Future.


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